The best night of the week
2003-07-19 | 7:08 p.m.

I've decided that I'm not going to bother with getting a job this summer now. Tesco can fucking well kiss my ring. There is no point because:

1) I'm going on holiday soon.

2) I'm having a delightful crazy girl from Cambridge called Rachel coming to stay for five days after my holiday.

3) Less than a week after her visit is the Reading festival.

4) A week after that I can move into my brand-spanking shiny new grotty house with my bedroom which can, and will, comfortably house three overweight hippos.

I rang the bank today, to complain that I'm wrongly being charged interest on my 'interest-free overdraft'. The service I got was disgraceful. I rang up and a robot told me to enter my 'customer number which should contain my date of birth then press square'. Eh? I entered my D.O.B. and pressed the hash key and got an 'I'm sorry, the number you have entered is not recognisable, blahblahblah'. I tried again, this time entering my account number, only for the robot to reject me again. Out of desperation I MADE UP a number, which only angered the robot further, although this did result in me getting through to an operator.

There was nothing he could do for me. "You ARE wrongly being charged interest," he said. The man was clearly a simpleton and had a penchant for stating the bleeding obvious. He informed me I would have to go into my branch of the bank on Monday (which happens to be about 100 miles away). I told him that this was a completely unfeasible solution and he huffed and puffed and gave me the Leicester branch's phone number, who shall have their ears abused Monday morning, and because these numbers aren't freephone, when the phone bill comes through it's being sent straight to the bank for my reimbursement. I am one tough bitch customer.

In other news I'm off to a 'sleepover' in several minutes which I am very much looking forward to as it involves seeing friends, a couple of whom I saw Wednesday night and hopefully a few more whom I haven't seen for a much longer time. It'll be just like the gatherings we used to have when we were 13 or so, only this time I'll be bringing a bottle of chardonnay instead of a bottle of lemonade. How I rock.

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