They cast a spell on me
2004-05-17 | 11:59 a.m.

I have no more second year coursework to hand in EVER! (Unless I fail a bit and have to re-do it. Best not to think about that really.) But! Now all the coursework is in I have no other option than to think about my looming exams, and passing them. I always enjoyed rationalising with my brain that I couldn't do any revision for very good reasons (having coursework to do instead). Damn, I don't have that excuse anymore.

The weekend was something different. Friday night after leaving the union at 2.00 am I was reunited with a boy who was in my class in primary school who I haven't seen for nine years. (His greeting of 'Whoah...but you're...HOT!!' was appreciated although also a great indicator that he was either wearing super strength beer goggles or I was an especially ugly ten-year-old.) Very weird anyway.

Saturday night after watching about 20 minutes of Eurovision, myself and Natalie came to the realisation that we'd rather be elsewhere. This was actually a rather unwise decision seeing as on our way to town we were hassled by a VERY scary man, who tried to stop us walking on the pavement. The option of walking in a busy road was far preferable than being accosted by a lunatic so we overtook him, only for him to chase us, then run ahead. We eventually lost him by taking a diversion down the road where the murder happened. It's good to know that in less than a month I will no longer be living in that area.

(We caught the end of Eurovision in a Chinese takeaway.)

No sign of the baby yet, but at least my dad has more sense than to name his child after a fruit. (No, strawberri's NOT my real name...that was my own stupid doing.)

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