I won't let you trick me twice
2004-05-18 | 3:15 p.m.

Ahahahahha. It appears I have been given 72% for my 4,000 word essay. I would perhaps be happier about this if I didn't dream last night I had failed my computer project.

Actually, I saw the tutor who's marking the projects yesterday, acknowledged him, and he returned my smile with a look that said 'I've seen better computer projects by dyslexic goldfish. You've failed matey, oh-ho yes you've failed.' Ah well, I can but wait.

Tori has the plan of going out every single night until she pulls someone, to get over the cheating ex. The thing is, she's on anti-depressants now and has stopped drinking. To give her moral support, I am also not going to drink (soda and lime only costs 25p in most pubs anyway). So tonight we are going out to get sober. Sounds wrong. Very wrong.

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