2004-05-24 | 12:56 p.m.

I'm trying to inconspicuously eat my sandwiches in the computer room. Not doing a very good job - there's only three other people in here and I appear to be making an almighty rustling noise.

It's come to my realisation that I really should start doing some proper revision. My first exam is on Friday and over this weekend going out drinking was far higher up on the agenda than doing work. Yesterday I came up with the ingenious idea of revising in the beer garden of the Old Horse pub. Needless to say, very little revision got done. Feeding my hangover with lager and chips and watching bees and stuff was far more enjoyable.

I needed to get out of the house today though. One of the girls who lives in the flat below has taken to playing the Norah Jones album at high volume CONSTANTLY. It's playing morning, noon and night and I don't even mind the music that much but its repetitiveness makes me not only want to throttle the girl downstairs, but also Norah Jones for creating such music. (Although I was woken up early on Sunday morning by the noise of someone playing wickidy wickidy Wild Wild fucking West - made a nice change. I'd only gone to bed at 4.00 after noticing it was starting to get light and that the birds were already chirruping away. I suggested we go out for a dawn-lit walk then decided bed was the better option.)

I've seen a couple of photos of my baby brother and he's very squishy and baby-like. I bought him a toy giraffe on Saturday (which he better damn not throw up on) and I've saved the newspaper from the day he was born (although whether he'll enjoy reading about Iraqi war prisoner torture is doubtful. Still, it's the thought that counts!).

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