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2004-05-28 | 11:42 a.m.

Well that's 50% of my exams done. Yes, I only have two - TWO exams (actually just the one now). Today's exam followed the format of probably every university exam I've sat in my life: Eight questions to choose from. You have to answer two. I can only really answer one so end up picking the one out of the remaining seven I hate the least and answering that. And when I say 'answering' what I actually mean is 'waffle just about anything I can remember and end up writing about gambling on the stockmarket and "on the margin" when the question was actually about 1920s American prosperity. Oh dear.'

Never mind - it's over and done with now. And because a girl sitting next to me left after only three-quarters of an hour I certainly don't feel too bad for continuously writing for the allotted two hours (my hand bloody hurts though).

So! I have had no more blind experiences, just an acute phobia of the shower, which is where the blindness happened. My dad suggested it could be diabetes, which, to be frank, I'd rather not know about as they might try and curtail my alcohol consumption and I'm not overly fond of needles either.

Anyway, it's my birthday on Tuesday (fifth year running it's been slap-bang in the middle of exams, which only means LESS time to do revision). I don't particularly want to turn 20 (argh! old! etc) but there's not really a lot I can do about it short of finding Bernard's Watch and activating it to stop time. And let's face it, THAT'S not going to happen now is it.

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