Never lose composure
2009-03-04 | 6:17 p.m.

Going out to play on a work night is so, so much fun but dear Lord are there consequences to pay, as I discovered today whilst trying not to fall asleep in court or be sick on my judge (ok, I'm judge actually sits too far away for me to puke on). And as I left at the end of today my court clerk, Tim, joked saying he hoped I turned up a bit more compos mentis tomorrow. So I hid my mildly disheveled state today well then. Goodo.

Yesterday Jenn and I journeyed over to Canary Wharf to meet up with Rob, who was going to be our new housemate back before all the erstwhile landlady insanity kicked in. It was great to see him, especially since I hated how he was treated by the witch and he was totally cool about it. Anyway, All Bar 1 was doing 8 bottles of wine and before we knew it - oh - we ended up on a boat that was a pub and another boat that didn't have any alcohol connotations and then it all gets a bit hazy. Rob ended up staying over ours. I have no idea why this seemed such a great idea, but I don't exactly morph into Einstein after a few glasses of wine. Hmm, it's weird. I think a lot of Rob and being with him and Jenn last night made me find the joie de vivre which has been mysteriously absent this year. Who knows what this means.

Like I said, a great night, but I have omitted one mega factor. Now, what I also discovered last night is that fate is my master and I'm its monkey puppet.

Whilst in All Bar 1, after our first bottle of wine, Jenn and Rob got up to go to the bar. Then I got a tap on my shoulder. My ex-boyfriend.


The ex who completely broke my heart and who I also randomly bumped into at Glastonbury two years ago (why does this happen?!). It was bizarre. I mean, Canary Wharf is his neck of the woods, but it's not like it's a small place. There are stacks of bars, pubs and restaurants and I never even entertained the idea I may see him. Plus who the hell goes drinking on a Tuesday night anyway?! (Note to self: perhaps start mountaineering out of descent into alcoholism!)

Anyway, it was ok to see him and all that jazz (we split up nearly two and a half years ago and despite him being the last person I was in love with, my heart has certainly healed and moved on), so we should be meeting up in the next couple of weeks or so. I mainly want to find out how his lovely family is, but I didn't say that obviously.

Ah, life's little unexpected surprises. It wouldn't be nearly as much fun without them. Truly.

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