Stop! playing with my delirium
2010-01-11 | 3:12 p.m.

I know, I know, I've seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth. Or more realistically, the light in my laptop screen has broken - it's like trying to see in the dark with the eyes of an especially optically-challenged bat, without any of the cool sonar detection stuff. Wahey! Or not. I haven't decided whether to try and get it repaired or get a notebook so I'm very much in the middle of doing fuck all about it at present.

And, as ever, I have been waking up each day and going out and doing stuff (whilst grumbling about the cold!). I spent this weekend in Devon at my cousin Suzy's wedding, which was lovely. Always great when your relatives get drunk and tell you about the time your granddad chased his son-in-law down the road with an axe. Chuckle. The church service was as tedious as a non-church going person might find but the reception was in a 4-star hotel overlooking the sea, at which my dad had got rooms for us. And the evening buffet had sushi. I could really only have been happier if I'd had my request of Poker Face played by the DJ.

This weekend I'm going up to Norfolk to see Stuart (who enjoyed seeing Kings Lynn's resident tramp the other day, whom I know well) as he's currently doing Most Haunted Live at an RAF base around there and so after that finishes I'm going to drive up from Stevenage on Saturday and probably spend the majority of the weekend causing him to despair at my 2p falls gambling addiction.

I know it was ages ago now but my New Year's Eve was one of the best I've ever had. Failing to find any worthwhile eatery to take us in and feed us at 10pm of a cold winter's night, Stu and I ended up having our dinner out in Archway's second best kebab shop before going to a pub for some fizzy wine and to see in midnight and then to an underground bar/disco. You know you've had a good night when the next day you don't feel well and your boyfriend tells you your once pink and healthy face has turned grey. Luckily pizza cures all ills.

My favourite word at the moment is "thaw".

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