2010-03-05 | 4:37 p.m.

Oh Christ, moving day is now three days away and apart from a few items of clothing from the airer shoved in a suitcase, do you know what I have packed? NOT A BEAN. (And I do in fact have a tin of beans to pack.)

I look back at my last entry and want to cry. [Edit: It's too painful; I've deleted it] Two weeks ago everything was so amazing - I was taken to Devon for the weekend by my boyfriend. We had a fantastic time and I felt so lucky.

Yesterday he broke up with me. How I wish I was joking. I'm completely and utterly in shock and have been stalking off to the toilets in breaks at work just to do a bit of therapeutic sobbing. It seems he wasn't as into the relationship as I was (and yes, I do feel like an absolute idiot before anyone asks).


I can't bring myself to write anymore at the moment.

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