More sadness
2010-03-07 | 6:06 p.m.

Thanks so much for all your kind notes.

Yesterday I felt slightly less shit than I did on Friday - I went to my local gym for the last time and came back and did a lot of house move prep with Jenn and then went to Tori's for the night.

Today though, I woke up just feeling engulfed in hopelessness. I got the train from Watford to Clapham and wandered round Asda getting a few final bits (tin foil is important you know!) and just felt utterly miserable and full of hatred for the general public who just LOVE lolling idly in shop aisles.

The excitement of moving day tomorrow has been somewhat ruined and although most of my stuff is packed now, I just can't be bothered. Especially in regards to the nice rustic stain my red Ikea rug has left on my bedroom's cream carpet. I actually want that dude off the Cillit Bang advert to come and personally clean it for me, even though I'm pretty sure Cillit Bang isn't carpet cleaner.

I hope to God this feeling buggers off's borderline unbearable.

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