You just don't know
2010-03-23 | 7:40 p.m.

No one has updated! I suppose I should then, although don't get your hopes up for any hilarious anecdotes; I don't have any.

Thank you to Katherine and Christy, and everyone else who's sent me kind messages - I am feeling about five thousand percent better than I was between the days of 4th to 18th March. The dreaded two weeks after. I can best describe it like being drowned in a fetid swamp (which I have no experience of whatsoever). I had delusional moments of feeling alright but would then be pulled back into the depths of absolute misery, to the extent of causing concern to the people I know in real life.

Then it got better.

Who knows how or why but can I just say, THANK BLOODY GOD.

In other news, I have the wedding of one of my favourite cousins to attend on Friday, my poor murdered friend Sam's funeral is next Thursday and then I'm going on holiday to Barcelona the Friday after that. Mixture of happiness and sadness - I think that sums things up fairly right now.

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