Fish Behaving Badly
2010-05-18 | 6:43 p.m.

I am a mother! Well, not quite, but I have got some pets for the first time since my last hamster died when I was a mere schoolgirl of 15 (R.I.P. Sugar Mouse; bless your little hamstery soul).

I have aqua-ired (ahahah. Or not) some goldfish after being inspired seeing some sickly looking ones at a fair I went to with my little brother a couple of weeks ago.

Has it really been that long? You haven't missed much, believe me. I'm fairly content, though lonely at times. I'm enjoying work and the new house and for some reason was up doing housework at 5.30 am this morning when I couldn't get back to sleep. QUELLE EXCITEMENT!

Five weeks until Glastonbury though and exactly two until my birthday. And imminent summer goodness if the latest weather forecast is to be believed.

When I told my mum I was getting some fish she querulously asked, 'Are you sure about that?' as if implying I couldn't be trusted to look after a bunch of chives, let alone some very small members of the animal kingdom. That's despite the fact that when *she* was my age she'd been married nearly six years and was about halfway through her pregnancy with my older brother.

Saying that, my court usher said she wanted to get our clerk and the judge involved in a wager as to when my fish will expire ('Give them a week!') but I think she's just bitter because she bought three koi carp for 75 each, which lasted a monumental ONE day until they were gobbled up by a local heron. 75 A FISH! Mine were 3.75 for two - I unknowingly picked a runt (because he was stripy) so the pet shop keeper gave me a discount.

Anyway, here they are. Gary is orange and white and stripy on one side, and Tony is the mixture of colours:




I have a small crush on one of the journos at work. I'm not sure if it's genuine or my own needy desperation though. Hmm. Hmm indeed...

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