2010-05-24 | 5:47 p.m.

So the fish thing. Gary seems quite chipper and probably has no idea that he ever had a friend he would chase around the bowl.

I don't know what happened as we did care for them responsibly. Food - check. Clean water - check. Habitat away from sunlight - but of course!

Our friends seem to be concerned about mine and Jenn's carer abilities though, but to be fair when Katy and Alexis were round on Saturday evening I explained how Gary was 'now my favourite fish' (out of one fish...) whilst Jenn was in the middle of paranoidly Googling 'How do I know my fish is dead?' despite Tony having been flushed down the toilet a couple of hours earlier.

We then all went out for a party at my manager's house. Nothing better than toasting the life of your deceased pet with a Jagerbomb or five.

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