2010-06-20 | 9:29 p.m.

So it's Extra Strong Mint vodka instead of the usual Skittles fare that's coming with me to Glastonbury this year, which is in THREE DAYS' TIME! I'm so excited that I just want to run around like Speedy Gonzalez and screaming in people's faces, but then that's liable to win myself a smack in the head and therefore I've reluctantly shown restraint.

I've taken up running again in the past week though, to try and ease myself into slumber at night (8k on Tuesday, 8.5 on Friday) and have been home to my mum's to collect the last of my camping gear (fuck off big rucksack, Tesco Value sleeping bag, Poundland camping mat - I do like to camp in style!), and my mum trying to persuade me to take a massive bottle of factor 50 suncream (politely declined).

I've been taking it fairly easy, or theoretically anyway. Last night I was round Tori's and discovered that watching cake competition programmes whilst drinking wine is hugely enjoyable! I unfortunately got a bit too enthusiastic with the wine drinking however and this morning vomitted up the contents of my stomach (pure acid) and had to lie on the sofa and not move whilst watching more cake programmes. I did eventually start feeling better and made Tori chuckle by announcing in all seriousness, 'I have improved by 200 percent,' and eventually managed to even get in my car and drive back home!

I went to Asda to buy a portable phone charger for Glastonbury and came out with a 1 bin, 18p Asda Smartprice notepad, a prawn salad and a Quorn lasagne.

And when I got home I realised I hadn't bought the bloody charger.

Glastonbury, Glastonbury, Glastonbury. My seventh attendance and I've never been to one where it didn't rain. Let's see what happens this time.

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