We're catching bullets in our teeth
2010-06-28 | 6:54 p.m.

I received a few funny looks on the tube today, which was fair enough as I was sporting a look that suggested I enjoy showers as regularly as Haleys comet comes into passing. Still, this morning at 4.30 my alarm went off in my tent to get up and get packing, I realised I was wearing a carrot and had a killer whale to deflate. I looked fairly adequate when all things are taken into consideration.

I have now been to a Glastonbury where it DID NOT RAIN. At times it was oppressively hot but the evenings were delightful. Most of the punters are now sporting the quintessentially British brown/red hybrid tan, self included.

Highlights of the festival were the Radiohead secret set, Gorillaz (even though most people didn't give them favourable reviews) Pet Shop Boys, Josie Long, being part of a wedding proposal flash mob, meeting Michael Eavis, strawberry pear cider and the Rabbit Hole, which I thought was a stage but then to the side was a secret tunnel (which is where the carrot originated from I believe) which you'd crawl through for a while and all of a sudden pop out into a disco, seemingly out of nowhere. It was superb.

I'll get round to photos but I haven't slept properly in five days and this evening need to repack my tent, which is presently languishing in the living room as I had no garden in which to wash and dry it.

I want to sleep for a week but in the next few days I have to prepare for Saturday, when Jenn and I are throwing an 'Under the Sea' themed fancy dress party. It seemed a really good idea and I thought it'd help me get over the Glasto comedown but as we have done bugger all by way of preparation all I'm thinking is 'fuuuuuuuck'! I don't even have an outfit yet (suggestions?!). Hopefully a few more inflatable killer whales and some blue curacao dodgy-looking punch and job's a good'n.

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