The First Date
2010-07-27 | 5:18 p.m.

We had a couple of drinks, went for some dinner and then did a LOT of kissing.

I then announced (because I am an idiot) that I could 'now tick "snogging a barrister" off the things I need to do in life.' Luckily he didn't seem put off and much more kissing ensued in one of the cutesy well-hidden lanes not far from Bank station, so much so that dropped his bike on the ground and I dropped my bag and didn't bother picking it back up whilst caught in the moment.

Sigh! This all actually happened! It was brill. I was nervous beforehand. As I was walking in the direction of the pub we were meeting at I received a text off him apologising because the place he'd chosen was located, seemingly, in a rabbit warren and difficult to find. I replied, 'Never fear, I have an incredibly sketchy hand-drawn map!' got lost briefly and then found him outside.

A couple of things though: we'd been arranging this date via email on Wednesday and Thursday last week. On Thursday he said he'd come up with a possible venue and asked what time was good for me. I replied and then had no response. Until Monday morning. And the location of our rendezvous wasn't even ascertained until less than an hour before we were due to meet! Bloody hell, my poor nerves - I thought he'd had a change of heart and I was going to be spending the evening crying into Jenn's Finding Nemo pillow on the sofa and watching Home Alone to try to cheer myself up. Phew. I didn't mention any of this to him though and tried to portray myself as confidently and look as appealing (yet not desperate) as possible. As I have been running 9km roughly three times a week it would have been absolutely criminal to not wear a short skirt and heels. This seemed to go down well...

Edit: I wrote the above this morning. At lunchtime I received a text message which said, 'Hey. Last night was fun. Really enjoyed it. Hope you got home okay, and are not TOO bored today! Spk soon x'

This instantly made me even more excited than I felt yesterday.

The other thing from the aforementioned 'couple of things' is that he held my hand as we walked to the Tube and for no discernible reason whatsoever I recall thinking to myself that I'd quite like to put his hand back down again, despite having immediately before spent a large number of enjoyable minutes with my tongue in his mouth. I'm truly perplexing.

At the Tube, he said something (the precise wording of which eludes me) about meeting up again (which could quite easily have been brush-off talk!) and we parted with a final kiss and off I floated home.

The End!

Does anyone even like reading all this shit? I always think I should avoid conducting my romantic life in a public arena but yet again I appear to have failed THAT one. In truth I would love another date with him but if it doesn't amount to that then at least I had an exciting evening. Must. Not. Obsess.!

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