You'll never be alone again
2010-08-09 | 9:20 a.m.

Hooray, I have the week off work! This means I'll shortly be shuffling down to King's Cross and heading on a train to Stevenage, where later Rachel will be joining me to stay for five days. A trip to Norfolk is already pencilled in and I am excited.

My second date with the Barrister went well, as in there was much of the same, consisting of, in the most part, talking and kissing. And again, I stunned him with all the intellectual things I had to say, such as talking about the computer game Leisure Suit Larry I (ill-advisedly on my parents' behalf) played when I was about 10:

'So there's a scene where you shag a prostitute, but if you don't use a condom you catch an STD and die!'

(These words actually came out of my mouth.)

He's in Croatia at the moment (the Barrister, not Leisure Suit Larry) and conveniently I'm away this week too, so no further dates have been planned. If he asks again I will say yes despite having a strong feeling he is probably very much not my type, but then he's attractive and 6 foot 4 (YES PLEASE!) so I couldn't possibly, possibly say no now, could I?

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