Hot in the city tonight
2010-10-18 | 9:20 p.m.

I had Katie and Reeta to stay on Saturday and so during the day took them on a trip to Greenwich, by boat (I bloody love boats!) for lunch, exploring the markets, climbing the park and then coffee. I got Jenn a keyring from an incredibly grubby market stall, which she loved so much that when she went out that evening she got random people on the Tube to pose with pictures of it:



In case you're wondering who it is in the keyring, I have absolutely no idea! In fact no one we asked does. I thought it must be a *specific* old man but considering on the keyring stall I also found one where you stick your own picture inside which had somebody's child already in there I am doubtful.

I'm having the cosiest night in ever with Jenn. We've just watched Groundhog Day and Andie MacDowell was not nearly as wooden as I remembered, which made me happy. And now we have on Big. I think I'm going to spend the entire winter watching late 80s/early 90s feel-good films.

In other news going on from the last entry, I never did go out with the Barrister again. He rang me two days after I'd seen him at work (Ie. nearly two weeks ago), which was nice, and then nothing. Other than a measly text on Saturday saying he was sorry for being crap but had loads of work on. It's...just not good enough.

In a cruel twist of fate Probation Guy doesn't seem to have got the message and has been in hot pursuit at work, much to my chagrin. Last Tuesday he unnecessarily came into my court before we'd started and said (and this is in front of the QCs and the like), 'I need to ask you a favour to do with money,'


'Are you free at lunch?'

I made up a quick lie about a transcript deadline I had to meet and he scampered off. Phew.

Only at lunch he burst into my office and asked to borrow 20 off me because he'd 'gone overdrawn' (that early on in the month? Really?) needed to get it in his bank account by 3 o'clock to avoid a fine and would give it back to me on Thursday and buy me a coffee to say thanks.


I went outside in the corridor with him as I really didn't want all this going on in front of my workmates. I thought I'd try be helpful, got out my purse and then realised I didn't have 20.

That was the end of that, thankfully, though he came into the office again on Friday. I hid behind my computer, masterfully working the 'completely absorbed in my transcript' look, (whereas usually I am sitting there chuckling because I've read something funny on b3ta). I think the next step will be to use mine and Jenn's ingeniously crafted standard response to anyone we don't want to see anymore, which involves telling them 'Bonne Chance in all of your future endeavours!'

I really need to meet some members of the opposite sex whose interests DON'T include engaging in vast amounts of twattery. That truly would be splendid.

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