We can watch the snow fall forever and ever
2010-12-12 | 7:12 p.m.

Praise the Lord, I've got back into running again, which is so much more about the mental mindframe than just moving your legs in a faster, more jaunty fashion than usual. Nice little 10k this morning and, trust me, I really do need this as I'm being faithful to my chocolatey December tradition of eating 100g-ish a day of any imaginable combination of advent calendars, big chocolate Santas, little chocolate Santas and tree decorations. DELICIOUS.

It's been a good week with Wednesday and Friday being particular highlights. Wednesday was the CPS Homicide Unit Christmas party (aka Murder on the Dancefloor) which was its usual amusing self. The Barrister was there though - remember him who asked me out and then ignored me and then asked me out and then ignored me? He came up, kissed me on the cheek and acted like we were best friends! Later I managed to corner him to enquire about the aforementioned baffling dating protocol which was met with the response, 'Oh, yeah...well, I was kind of seeing someone else at the same time so that's why you didn't hear from me...our dates were fun though, weren't they?'

Shortly after this moment in time someone in attendance at the party was called 'A TWAT' to his face. I'll leave you to work that one out.

Friday night was another Old Bailey-ite affair, more CPS and my favourites, the press. I did not

(I have absolutely no idea what I was going to write next as I buggered off briefly!)

Anyway, pub, drinks, lovely. Later on in the evening numbers began dwindling but me and fellow steno Liz accompanied the press for more frivolity, which was intended to be in a club called Reflex, only the queue didn't move so a decision was made to head to Soho in taxis. The first lot clambered into one and zoomed off into the moonlight and me, Liz and the two press that were left were going to join them, only the number of taxis left was a big fat zero. Quarter of an hour or so passed and we quite literally were not getting anywhere. It was past midnight and so we dived into a pub, had one more drink before closing and opted to leave the night there.

Me and one of the journos ended up on a nightbus home together whereupon I had the dazzling idea of inviting him back here for a gin and tonic. Before we knew it we'd spent the night chatting about all manner of shit and it was almost 7 am so went and collapsed in my bed for much needed nourishing unconsciousness (and a fumble-ette of sorts, eee!). He left around 2 pm and I was a walking zombie for the rest of the day but gosh that was fun!

This coming week work (theoretically) should be slowing down. We have our official company party on Thursday and an unofficial one Friday and then next Saturday is Alexmas at Alexis's. I truly believe that chocolate Santas will get me through this.

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