You got me like a bullet taking flight
2011-02-03 | 8:10 p.m.

He's not backing down - the rent increase is keeping the property 'in line with competition' and most irkingly, having spent the past two days scouring Gumtree for literally hours, it would seem that unless you're happy to live in areas of London known colloquially as Murderville it would seem he's right. Our renewal fees have been slashed in half though, which would be a small blessing if we have to suck up our pride and stay here at least until the next break clause. At least that would take the pressure of having to move within four weeks.

Anyway, I am going to try not to stress and we're going to sort it out next week. I'm going to Heidelberg tomorrow! Katie, Reeta and I are off for a weekend away to visit my brother in his new country of residence. Cor, I've never been to Germany before but I have the most splendid visions of buxom maids serving beers in 2-pint receptacles, complete with a daisy chain of bratwurst round their necks.

Should think about packing and not think about houses and then harmony in my somewhat-stressed brain may happily resume.

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