Partyin' partyin'
2011-03-29 | 8:18 p.m.

Today at the swimming pool a woman in my line of sight was putting on her flipflops and then inexplicably managed to headbutt a metal box that was right in front of her. Oh dear. I swiftly learnt that breast stroke and convulsing through mirth are not a harmonious duo and I nearly ended up choking on the chlorinated water whilst adopting the coveted status of pool weirdo.

I can't believe March is nearly over. My days are extremely full at the moment (I say, wasting my evening on Facebook and watching Supersize Superskinny). Blackadder's still on the scene and is now my boyfriend. Ulp! It feels strange to use that word again after being single for a year but it's going well and he is supremely fun and great. Tomorrow I'm dragging him to play Bingo in the evening (I've never gotten over the mini-addiction I formed in an arcade at the Isle of Wight last year) and he hasn't run a million miles yet, which is nice.

I'm going to Istanbul with Katie and Reeta in just over two weeks which I'm looking forward to hugely. I proudly realised I had scores of euros left over from previous trips and then discovered that's not the currency in Turkey. Ah well!

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