Love is pain
2011-05-30 | 11:39 p.m.

New Clerk and I went to Clacton to go to the seaside today and it was just...bloody great.

We chattered nonstop on our Tube ride, rail replacement bus and finally train, went on rides at the pier (he laughed at my screaming), went to a SeaQuarium (where I didn't get told off for petting a stingray, unlike in Germany!), had fish and chips on the beach, prior to which the fish and chip shop woman laughed at me for ordering eight sachets of ketchup then instead sold me an entire bottle, and whelks and cockles from a seafood stand (disgusting!) before a Slush Puppie, arcade games, going for a walk, going back to the arcade and winning at bingo, plus a meerkat pen, meerkat toy and a Justin Bieber 5 note (?!?), pub and then train (with a screaming banshee woman who locked herself in the toilet), rail replacement bus, and then Tube, at which point we departed one another.

He has climbed so firmly in the rank of my very best friends but has the added, unwanted (on my part) benefit that I'm still trying not to fall in love with him. He's taking me for lunch on Wednesday because it's my birthday and then I'm going for dinner with Katie and Reeta, so I'm looking forward to this day massively already. Maybe I should just live for the moment. Or maybe I should snap out of this and think about my future self because she's the one that's going to end up hurt in all of this.

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