Cannot be replaced
2011-06-19 | 7:10 p.m.

I am presently sampling my freshly brewed fruit sherbet (all but the greens!) vodka and I think I may have to put the rest of the bottle in a steel vault in order to prevent the whole thing doing a disappearing act before Wednesday.

Why am I brewing sweetie-based vodka? There's only ever one answer to this. Glastonbury, the true love of my life, nearly here again and I am weather-fretting, attempting to pack, realising that getting the coach means micro-packing, deciding glowstick "sunglasses" are more important than clothing and wondering what is the perfect number of cereal bars to take.

I thought I was finally over my pre-Glasto injuries but idiotically fell over in the park today, whilst attempting to cross an adventure playground bridge in a park that I went to with my dad, stepmum and two brothers. I took my tumble well, limping away with a very sore knee and thinking (luckily not aloud) 'WHAT KIND OF CUNT WOULD INVENT A BRIDGE LIKE THAT?'

My knee's now got purple on its purple (acquired from the blood-poisoning fall).

Next week aside, I really want to try writing in here more. I miss it and I miss how I used to write but I'm so lacklustre these days and then when lots happen it's hard to condense it all down into the important stuff. And even then it's not like it's stuff that's important to anyone else!

Things from recent though: Tori's pregnant and due in December (yay for her!!!), I've been seeing an osteopath for a very bad neck that's been plaguing me for two months now, spinal manipulation is both the worst and best thing in the world and due to this I am very much nearly mended, my love life is complicated but not boring, my family is well and at this moment in time I love my life.

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