2011-07-23 | 10:14 p.m.

90 plus people have been massacred in Norway. And one 27-year-old British singer is dead. Now, I don't know in what order of importance the press are going to report on these matters but it's possible they could be head to head. In the lower quality rags Wino's surely bound to be on tomorrow's front page (I say, speculating).

Amy Winehouse's death is most certainly *not* a greater tragedy than the mindless annihilation of innocent teens away at camp on a Norwegian island, or those unfortunate enough to have been murdered as a result of simply being by the particular building in Oslo that was blown up.

However, when you look at it on a level of experiencing loss personally, it is understandable that the death of Amy can be viewed as the 'bigger' of events. It's not right, but it's entirely plausible. Her musical talent catapulted her into the untrustworthy arms of the press and despite her errant lifestyle she was a human being whose life we had insight into. Her death affects those who enjoyed her music and hoped she would sort out her problems with drugs, her husband and self-harm, and whatever else she hid behind the closed doors of her Camden home where she was found lifeless this afternoon. But hope alone can't save anyone.

As for the kids killed in Norway, there can't be anyone less deserving of that fate since Dunblane. I am truly sad about Amy but I have enormous heaviness in my heart for them.

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