London's burning
2011-08-08 | 9:37 p.m.

Why, why, WHY attack your own country and capital city? Facebook updates from many of my London friends are currently along the lines of [in Peckham] "It's Just crazy, I just saw 70-100 young black youths attacking the BP, 343 Bus, and some random Dominos dude on his moped."

Today it's been Hackney, Peckham, Lewisham, Croydon, Birmingham (and, Jenn just texted me) at this exact moment in time, Clapham Junction, near where we used to live.

By chance I'm having a few days in Stevenage with Rachel for a short holiday. Islington, where my London home is, is fine (may have spoken too soon - 9.50 pm) and Jenn and her boyfriend are looking after our fish in the house.

To think I was moaning about having three spots on my upper lip that resembled a Hitler moustache! Watching my city burn on the national news is pretty much as bad as it gets.

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