I don't need you
2011-10-13 | 10:16 p.m.

Bad news on the househunting front: TBay's household want a guy not a girl to move in, so that means I'm back to square one and will be moving out of my flat in three weeks with nowhere as yet to go - how amusing! Or not. Really, really not. I've replied to a load of adverts on Gumtree today so now playing the waiting game. I've deftly avoided any that are in broken English, speak of cleaning rotas or the one which (quite inimically,I thought) announced 'You will keep yourself to yourself.' I'd rather sleep in a ditch with a jovial tramp TA.

More bad news, or is it? I like the Policeman again. REALLY like him. We went out yesterday on our non-date and, who knows, maybe because the pressure of relationship-esque happenings (Good God I talk some shit) was off the cards but we just got on better than ever and by the end of the evening were not behaving as just friends.

It was convenient yesterday as he'd been at the Bailey for a case conference for a murder trial he's involved in in a couple of weeks and after my day in court in my VAT fraud trial (DULL AS A VERY DULL THING WITH AN EXTRA HELPING OF DULL) I had a transcript to work on. Anyway, earlier on I'd supplemented my lunch with some olives from a jar I had in the fridge. I'd finished the olives and stuck the jar under a chair with the intention of getting rid of the brine so I could put the jar in the recycling. Hayley my boss had stuck a post-it note on it saying 'Drink this or throw it away!' so after court I gambolled off to find a sink to pour it down. OBVIOUSLY I came strolling back through the double doors and of course the Policeman just happened to be there greeted by me holding an empty brine jar seemingly without rhyme or reason! Later he said he felt embarrassed though, as he'd only gone past my office to peek in and see if I was there, hehe.


John the usher, who once knocked a judge into court with a packet of Polos which exploded all over the two of them, who once sent a jury into a cupboard instead of out a door, today took a jury in retirement our for a cigarette break, accidently forgetting one and leaving him locked in the jury room alone. Good work!

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