2011-11-12 | 2:44 p.m.

So I'm in Canary Wharf! It's all going okay so far...but saying that I moved in last Sunday and have gone out Monday night, Tuesday night, Thursday night, last night and staying over Tori's tonight. I feel bad for not really seeing any of James this week so tomorrow we're going to order a Domino's and I'm going to make him watch the Witches because he's never seen it.

I actually really, really like the flat and although the main view from my bedroom window is another flat, I can just about see the Thames! It's murky and grey at this time of year but a river's a river innit. And I get the Docklands Light Railway to work which means no more being shoved under someone's armpit on the Tube in the mornings. Yay.

At the last moment I decided to move ALL my stuff over with the help of my parent and step-parent as I don't know whether I'm going to be here weeks or months. I was left so jaded by househunting that I just need some time to breathe and see my friends and enjoy my life, so that's what I'm doing this week.

Three evenings this week were spent with TBay (bingo on Tuesday and two leaving do's for him Thursday and last night). I don't think I'll see him again before he leaves for Barbados on Tuesday. He has become one of my best friends and there will be a hole in my life with his departure, but I DO feel at ease with the idea of him not being here.

I went to see the Policeman after TBay's drinks yesterday. I wish I hadn't been so hot and cold with him when we started going out in July/August as the more time we spend together (and lately it has been a lot) the more I think he is just so perfect for me. He said in early October he didn't think he wanted a relationship and I'm too scared to ask if he might change his mind. It's been good that the pressure's been off in a sense, but we don't behave like just friends when we're together and I think there's something more there.

Right it's now 3.17 pm so I gotta wrap this up as I'm off out soon to meet Natalie at Euston then get the train to Tori's. I haven't seen either of them since Si's wedding in August, which is MADNESS. Life has a habit of getting in the way.

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