But that was love and it's an ache I still remember
2012-04-08 | 7:55 a.m.

Sometimes I love the little nods the Universe metes out on occasion. Before leaving the Bailey I had a crush on one of the electricians who worked there and was sad as in the last weeks I only saw him around very fleetingly and didn't ever pluck up the courage to speak to him. Despite invitations to all who worked there he didn't attend our leaving drinks on our last day, which was Friday March the 30th.

So last night I'm out with Tim in Stevenage Old Town, having extended what are my usually once yearly (Xmas Eve!) drinks out in Stevenage to a brave biannual form. And on going to the bar in Spoonies who do I bump into? My electrician! I had no idea he was from Stevenage whatsoever. I'm pleased I did see him as we chatted and he is certainly a very pleasant young man but completely not my type whatsoever. So I can sleep safe in my tiger onesie knowing that I haven't let a golden opportunity slip by. And plus I was out with Tim who I pretty much prefer to any other male I know anyway :)

So the Old Bailey has ended and I am finally okay to talk about it. The final week was horrendous and on the last day and the one after I was in deep mourning and sporadically bursting into tears - not the little ones that dribble down your cheek but loud, pain-racked sobs. I was truly heartbroken and it's only now the hurt is dimming. I say it all the time but I love that place, its people and all the crazy things that happen inside its many walls and I'm so proud and happy to have been part of it.

Our final party was good and I enjoyed it as much as I could in the circumstances. We hired out a room of a bar and had a load of Old Bailey-ites (but not the electrician!) come and see us off. When the bar shut many hours later we formed a splinter group and headed to a dodgy pub near Bank called the Sea Horse and stayed out long enough to have to get a nightbus home. What a hilarity that was. Just beyond the Tower of London (I.e. not in my neck of the woods at all) the police intercepted the bus which made me very cross indeed - I wanted to get home and sleep! For some baffling (read: alcohol-induced) reason I decided I was in charge of the world, told the police that there was nothing to see and to be on their way and they responded by telling me to shut up, hauled off some dude who'd seemingly been up to nothing and arrested him! If nothing I do like to court mischief.

My new private world of work doesn't start up proper like 'til 17th April (which would be great if I received any holiday pay, which I don't) so I'm enjoying some days back in Stevenage in the meantime. My main aim is to do as many bike rides as possible, mainly for the fresh air and enjoyment but also because I have allowed myself to get a bit fat. This isn't the end of the world but my clothes are fitting either too snugly or not at all and I'm meant to be on a film set a week today (more on this soon, I promise!) and as the saying goes, the camera adds ten pounds. I don't want anyone to quote Chandler from Friends and ask, 'How many cameras were *on* you?!'

Also just got back from Rome on Thursday, which is a completely beautiful city. I went with Katie and Reeta and would have had the time of my life if Katie wasn't being such a pain at the moment and it is presently very difficult to be friends with her. We did on the main have a good time - 23 degree sunny weather almost constantly, the Colosseum, the Vatican, the Spanish Steps, the most very delicious food and wine and doing karaoke in an Irish bar 'til the early hours on the last night (my head was a bit sore the next day).

I'm worse at flying than ever though and am completely convinced for the whole of take-off and landing that the plane is going to crash. I might go to the doctor before going on any other tin cans that propel themselves up into the sky because it's almost unbearable.

And like I said, Katie just wasn't herself and so reduced the fun factor of the holiday fairly dramatically. She has a lot of problems though and it wouldn't be fair on her to air them publically on here. But I love her to bits and I'm going to persevere with her.

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