Stand real close
2012-07-08 | 12:45 a.m.

I'm not alone feeling this, I never thought I was, but life teases you sometimes. It teases you!

I know it's all a bollocks percentage, proportionality thing, but, MEH.

I had a great thing happen to me today. Jenn's very good friend Darren's bday party at his own house. I met up with Jenn at Clapham South feeling horrendous from last night's drinks which have left me with mystery injuries (cut foot and rashy looking arm!), we got supplies from Tesco then hopped on a bus. I didn't know where I was going - I left it to Jenn.

Several mins later we're trawling the streets of Balham and apropos of nothing I reminded her of the tale of the time we were looking for a new place to live over 3 years ago and encountered a house with a room which remained ever etched on my brain, "The scullery!" the estate agent called it - an unsavoury room with a toilet, a washing machine and an unlockable door to the garden.

You'll never guess where we went to tonight!

I've had an awesome time. I wish life in general was this fun. I desperately want a boyfriend but it doesn't seem there's one for me. Booooo.

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