2012-11-17 | 8:53 a.m.

The night before last I dreamt that Ollie dumped me and consequently woke up crying proper pain-wracked sobs. Last night I dreamt I was hanging out with Chris O'Dowd, eating salt and vinegar crisps. Swings and roundabouts innit.

The other day I was working with our deaf client, who's a barrister, in one of London's county courts, doing subtitles for her, and when we adjourned she left the court and I was packing away my kit. The judge was still on the bench and addressed me as thus:

"She does very well lip reading, and with your assistance, but why can't they just grow her a new ear, you know, like they did with that mouse?"

He was talking about this 1997 experiment:


I internally facepalmed whilst slowly filled up, from my toes to my face, with the kind of despair that only comes from discovering that people like this exist and are making judgments in a court of law.

I would write more but need to get up very soon, much as I love rocking out at home be-pyjama'd of a weekend, as I'm meeting Tori and Natalie later - a long overdue meetup and we're going to one of the many museums in London then lunch and probably wine; only a little for me as a blood test has shown I have vitamin B12 deficiency and I have to go back for more tests soon, agh. I'm going to ask for a giant jar of vitamin B12-rich Marmite for Christmas and that'll hopefully sort me, oh and slashing my alcohol consumption considerably, forever.

I'll do a Vegas entry shortly as there's one of two stories worth mentioning but since Vegas I have just been working and replacing drinking with crisps and chocolate and Ollie, who I've been seeing since September and is now my boyfriend! He is the best thing to happen to me in longer than I care to remember - I actually jumped out of bed with excitement this morning as I'm seeing him this evening after today's jaunt with my fave uni friends. This has turned into a happy year for me.

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