Why you gotta be so rude...I'm gonna marry her anyway!
2014-11-28 | 9:51 a.m.

Job doesn't start until 1.00 pm today. Yes! My first lie in in what feels like forever. I am, however, using my free time attempting to plot a route to today's job, which is in some depot off the Old Kent Road (the WORST place on the Monopoly board!) and I have been there before but that time I was shoved in a cab by my work as it was a last minute, um, jobbie and once it'd finished two of the people at said job announced, "We will walk you to the bus stop as it's not safe outside." Great.

Oh my God I haven't written in forever and lots has happened. Well, I say lots but it's one thing really, which is that Ollie proposed to me in September and I said yes, and it's made me really, really fucking happy although I think if I could get away with not having a proper wedding day I probably would as organising the whole thing is not picnics and flowers and butterflies but rather MANY stupid websites who DO NOT REVEAL THEIR PRICES, THE FUCKING IDIOTS. But we've sifted through a lot of those now and have a couple of ideas up our sleeves. We're trying to stick to 7k for everything (even that sum is enough to make one wince profusely) and we're hoping for March 2016 nuptials, so it's still ages away yet. Phew.

He actually proposed to me in Switzerland of all places - somewhere I'd never been to previously and only spent about three hours there in total, but it now has a special place in my heart. What happened was we'd gone for a short holiday for our two-year anniversary to Lake Maggiore in Italy and had a little panoramic train ride up the mountains and along to the Swiss part of the lake (I would stick some pics up - will try to come back and edit later - but if I do it now I can just see myself running late for work and ending up hyperventilating somewhere around Elephant & Castle).

So we went wandering around the Swiss part of the lake, with not a Swiss Franc to our name and encountered a grumpy waitress who begrudgingly let us have a beer paid for with euros. Then we were wondering what else to do to fill our time and found a euro-accepting supermarket so I was carrying round a canvas bag with tins of Heineken and a supermarket pizza slice as our sustenance and we ended up walking through a dusty park. In fact before he proposed to me I wasn't thinking "I wonder if Ollie will propose?" but rather thinking about how uncomfortable my be-sandalled feet were with all that dust in between my toes and feeling concerned about how I had PMT pains in only my left boob for the third month running (have since been to the docs about this; they don't think it's anything to worry about), and then we were alone by part of the lake and it was all calm and peaceful and he just asked me, doing some brief acrobatic knee-on-the-floor action, and I blubbed slightly (I just know I am going to cry on my wedding day and it WILL be embarrassing).

Right that's it - I've run out of time!

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