2015-11-12 | 8:38 p.m.

Do you know what, Diaryland? It is a mere FOUR MONTHS 'til my wedding! Aaaaargh! Well, I say "aaaaargh" but on our to do list after the wedding is buy a house, and I can actually picture myself attempting to do that and wishing, God, I wish all I had to do was pick a frickin' cake and choose some food we like for our guests to eat and point at flowers in a shop that I want in my bouquet.

We will see.

More pressing is Katie's wedding, which I am bridesmaid at three weeks on Saturday. It hasn't helped that I've had a cystic acne boil-spot of horrendousness on my chin for a full two weeks now (I am a month into some prescription anti-acne medicine but still waiting for it to kick in, sigh) and only today does it seem to have died slightly and shrunk a bit. Luckily for me (ha) it was in full bloom on Halloween, which was on Katie's Cambridge hen do. But, really, the day couldn't have gone more perfectly, apart from the crazy dude on a bike who kept screaming at us, racially abused one of Katie's friends and then pretended to pass out on the riverbank as we were waiting to board our peaceful and sedentary river cruise, giving anyone who approached him an oddly regal wave to let them know that he was - and I'm using this term loosely - okay.

Actually, you don't even need to imagine it for yourself. As the kids these days would say, "pic or it didn't happen":

 photo katie3_zpsjtgnzdjv.jpg

Going slightly back in time...Katie with her lunch pudding of two shots:

 photo katie1_zpsk090gz2y.jpg

And forward again, photo of me and Katie enjoying the narrowboat cruise on the Cam on a glorious, blazingly sunny October day:

 photo katie2_zpss8edka3p.jpg

These are the badges I had made up for all of the hen party, with Katie's actual dog's head on a chicken (credit to Ollie, who, after I gave him the brief and a photo of the dog, designed them for me!):

 photo badge_zps08gy4vcl.jpg

And a few of us staying out far too late at Revolution:

 photo katie4_zpsda3rkpgz.jpg

It went exactly as it should have gone, I reckon. And don't worry, there WAS debauchery... The following day having breakfast at Frankie and Benny's, Katie's aunt and I were actually in the process of stealing sweets out of a "Guess how many sweets" charity jar. TOTALLY thought it was a freebie. And this particular aunt only has one arm so I couldn't very well let her open a clip jar on her own now could I?! I'll just say we were very politely put in our place as I embarrassedly chucked the very last coins I had in my purse into the collection bucket.

And home we went. The end.

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