These are the nights that never die
2016-01-12 | 7:03 p.m.

What a moanfest my last entry was - I am ashamed, especially after everything on my list of moan went so very well (including using the hairdresser who trimmed my hair, Dennis, as a wedding hair agony aunt). In fretting about my wedding hair I have managed to lose all of my Christmas weight, so it's nice there's an upside. And it's less than two weeks until hair trial take 2 and I'm fairly sure I want to keep my hair straight rather than curling it but I'm just not sure and, oh, I can't even remember the hair of brides whose weddings I've attended so why am I worrying so much? I'm such a stress head. Literally.

Meeting the registrar on Friday (to hand over a shitload of cash to them so they will marry us) went well. The registrar was great and commented on how he loves the song we've picked to exit the ceremony (Michael Jackson's Love Never Felt So Good) to which I proudly announced we'd chosen that song - as well as the majority of our ceremony music - at 10 o'clock the night before! I wasn't even that annoyed when I discovered some fuckwit at Southwark Council had misspelt my (unusual) surname, meaning that on the blue pre-wedding certificate and in the notice to marry period (one week, for those not fluent in weddingese) my incorrect name had been up on some board in Peckham and someone harbouring unrequited love for me - you never know - could have come in and thought, "I must not let my true love Sarah G[redacted] marry! Oh, that's not her - the name's wrong."

After that we popped into our ceremony venue on the off chance and they were so kind and let us go through many questions and let us have free rein of the building so I even practised walking down the "aisle" (it's just a room) which took a whole eight seconds! After that we ordered balloons and ate vegetarian food testers at our reception venue, one of which I loved so much I'm having it as my wedding meal, and then we caught the train to Stevenage to stay at my mum's, popping into Hobbycraft on the way. I have now made 52 name plates which I am very proud of! I can guarantee that approximately one week after our wedding you could go up to one of the guests and say "Those name plates were nice, weren't they?" And they'd reply, with a racking-brain look in their eye, "Umm....yeah?"

Work's getting busy already when it's usually a quiet January. It's a welcome distraction.

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