30th October
2017-10-30 | 8:29 a.m.

I'm currently on the train on my way in to work. I usually watch Netflix on my train travels (even though I always feel I should read more books) but had some messages to reply to and did some internet browsing and here I am.

I often think of Stepfordtart, but have done even more so over the past week or so as it's been a year now. Heartbreakingly, the photos in her diary no longer work (would anyone know her photobucket login, maybe Smashthegas? I ask to an empty audience) but I suppose at least her diary's still here.

I'm still doing my fraud case and need to find somewhere new to hide and eat my lunch (just call me Ms Socialiser) as a defendant from another trial has taken to sitting where I sit at lunch, telling me how innocent he is (yeah, yeah) and on Friday he almost bored me to tears telling me about the cybercurrency convention he was attending over the weekend.

It was Ollie's birthday last week so we had a weekend celebrating with his family out in Southend - cocktails then an Italian restaurant with extremely delicious red wine and oh my God I chose a dish that was chicken in breadcrumbs with a "side" of spaghetti bolognese, except the side was easily the size of a dinner of its own. I was truly delighted.

It's my brother-in-law's 50th birthday at the start of December so we were discussing the party he's having. He has friends at the tennis club he plays at, one of whom's name he does not know. Okay, we've all been there - someone introduces themselves and their name lightly bounces off your brain and into outer space, never to be remembered again. He had to address the party invitation to this friend (and wife) simply as "to the both of you", ahahaha.

Going to post this now in case it all crashes and I lose everything, which would be mightily annoying.

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