2017-11-26 | 8:21 p.m.

Jenn's having a Christmas jumper party in a couple of weeks and quite frankly I'm horrified by the price of these ghastly things - the jumpers, that is. I saw one in Next for 34 freaking pounds (making the words JESUS CHRIST spring to mind) so popped to my local charity shop yesterday and picked up a very Christmassy jumper for a princely £3.50.

It's red and Father Christmas-like and has big gold buttons down the front. I turned the thing inside out this afternoon in readiness for it going in the washing machine (lest we forget the pair of charity shop green jeans my mum bought me as a child and the used tissue belonging to their previous owner I found stuffed within).

Anyway, back to the main story. Having turned my new jumper inside out I discovered a little compartment, that was closed up with a miniature button. I could feel something circular through the fabric, which I assumed to be a spare big button for the front.

But hang on, I then saw there was already a spare gold button, attached to an inner label. So what on earth was in this secret compartment???




I undid the little pocket of awe and out came a white disc with nary a hint as to what it might be.

Out of curiosity I poked it and IT STARTED PLAYING CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Rather embarrassingly that made my bloody day.

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