2017-12-16 | 10:05 a.m.

Decided I'd like to try being a kinder person, since I'm a real grump these days and don't like large numbers of people, even though I accept that almost entirely by choice I have worked in central London for the past almost 11 years.

Obviously on the very first day of trying to be nicer to people it all went spectacularly tits up. I had the rare occurrence of weekday plans with friends last week and my job had gone short, so I decided to fill the time before meeting them seeing the wonderful new Paddington film at 12.30 of a Friday afternoon. What quiet bliss that shalt be! I naively thought.

Three groups of people in my large cinema screen: me, a well behaved adult and child who sat far, far away, and a group of about ten adults and kids who chose to plonk themselves down in the row immediately in front of mine WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT.

I gave them the benefit of the doubt, as I could have easily moved to one of the at least 100 free seats but thought it might seem rude or presumptuous that the kids would be noisy. And they weren't massively. But then the film started and out came the fecking smartphones.

One woman had got her phone out three times in the first 20 minutes. I sighed loudly a bit.

Then a young boy who was with them retrieved his phone and held it at head height so I could see it in all its glaring glory. I loudly muttered "For God's sake!" and moved.

I went to the Museum in Docklands after and held a door open for two women with buggies. The first one kind of smiled at the floor, avoiding eye contact but it was some acknowledgment at least. The second one acted as if I didn't exist so I crossly bellowed YOU'RE WELCOME at her.

My being nice programme is going well, I feel.

Gotta run as we have pre-Christmas Christmas with Jim and Natalie at their new home in Sawbridgeworth today and I can't wait. But Ollie's going to kill me as it's 10.20 now and we're leaving at midday and I am just so slow at getting ready and definitely not going to manage to do it in time!

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