2018-03-03 | 7:25 a.m.

76 days since last update! Diaryland is always there somewhere in my mind, tapping away at my brain and making me feel guilty.

I can't remember what I said last time. After a full-on Xmas period I really needed some downtime and not to socialise a lot. Here we are and it's March and I have only seen two friends this year. Ollie and I have spent more weekends with his mum than anyone else. She's good company (mostly) and I don't mind, but she has depressive episodes over various things, the latest being that as she's alone she has no one to go on holiday with (note:she went on holiday to both France and Spain last year with, y'know, PEOPLE).

Consequently Ollie is avoiding telling her we're going to the Peak District for our 2nd wedding anniversary a week Monday (and staying in Bakewell, yum!). I think he needs to be brave and bite the bullet.

The rest of my year has been going for loads of muddy, splashy wonderful hilly walks through my local country park , which I only realised recently what a fantastic park it is and I've not managed to go the same route twice yet. And occasionally you can come across the Olympic rings carved in stone as they held the BMX event there for the 2012 Games.

Ollie and I took up - and then sadly abandoned - puzzles, quickly triumphing over a 500-piece one and then teeth-gnashingly, dismally failling on a 2000-piece one, returning it to the charity shop from whence it came.

Christ on a bike I'm writing a diary entry about puzzles.

If you're in the UK then I don't need to mention the snow but if not then the UK has been brutalised by "the Beast from the East" this week. I think my garden gnome's carked it anyway.

 photo 20180227_122419_zpsjsq7tnkc.jpg

 photo 20180227_114958_zpsvqg6pwdi.jpg

Hadleigh Park:
 photo 20180227_150357_zpstmzvtlam.jpg

 photo 20180227_144914_zps62a5vshw.jpg

"I hereby declare this day to be Snow Day, the funnest day in the history of Springfield!"

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