Still June
2018-06-24 | 6:04 p.m.

Just need somewhere to offload my fears as Ollie thinks I'm overreacting and a hypochondriac, which MAY be true but, well, my feelings are my feelings, innit.

After I went to the doctor about my tick bite on 1st June, he chuckled and told me to not worry, which is exactly what I did. I have had plenty else going on over the past three weeks.

This may be why when I noticed I had a pins and needle-y leg tingle on Thursday my first thought was "Oh pregnancy, you and your jolly japes!" and thought nothing of it. I think it lasted 20 minutes or so and felt like I had bugs crawling on me. I actually went to swat the phantom creatures away.

I've also over the past week or so occasionally had the sensation of a hair wrapped round my big toe (I wear tights a lot so a hair getting stuck round my toes does infrequently happen, so I know exactly what that feels like. Note:not nearly as unpleasant as the time I got an entire below-shoulder-length head hair stuck in my eye).

The leg tingling returned on Friday briefly. Yesterday something twigged and I realised my tick bite, though small, is still red and still raised. It is where the tingling sensation originated from and which travelled up my leg to my knee.

So I'm now internally freaking out about Lyme disease again, hooray! Not sure whether to go back to the docs and beg for antibiotics, but will see how I feel this week.

Also worth noting I did my second ever pregnancy puke this morning, after a slightly too warm shower and not having eaten anything or drank much. Still think I've got away with it pretty lightly so far. 22 weeks down, 18 to go. Eeeeeek!

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