2018-07-20 | 5:48 a.m.

Quick update: got my blood test result back at the end of last week after chasing multiple times (each time the receptionist would say "There's nothing here..." I would query to be met with the response, "All I can tell you is it's not here." How helpful.

After I'd rung up on four different days she finally checked with the doctor after I pointed out I was told the result was meant to be back almost a week prior. Turned out the doctor actually had it, and it was negative. Hooray!

But I have to be retested in 4-6 weeks so my tick saga isn't quite over yet!

Having lots of fun feeling the baby kick throughout the day and, when the opportunity arises, sitting and watching my stomach moving about on its own like there's a wee poltergeist possessing it.

I'm absolutely loving the multiple weeks long sunshine we've been having but it's also turned my movements and walking speed into that of a 100 year old tortoise.

Spent three days this week working on the child sexual abuse inquiry, which fortunately was not nearly as grim as I was expecting.

26 weeks pregnant tomorrow!

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