Still August
2018-08-19 | 7:55 a.m.

Researching things about pregnancy and childbirth is like going down a fucking rabbit hole. Good morning, Diaryland. Did you know that there are four different pelvis shape types and about seven or eight ways a baby can be positioned in the womb, and that only one of the pelvis shapes and three of the baby positions are actually good for childbirth? Why, these things that are completely out of my control don't make me feel full of dread and unease at all!

Universe, if you're listening, please please don't let it be like cramming a Toblerone through a drinking straw. Is that really too much to ask!?!

It's Sunday now and I've been at my mum's since Wednesday for a little trip. Rachel came to stay too and we had three glorious days of countryside walks, including going to the zoo pub which had baby goats, playing the SNES version of Mario Kart and also completing Mario 3 with only mild frustration and peril inflicted upon us.

My brother came over from Germany on Friday and yesterday after dropping Rach at the station drove up with my mum to visit my great aunt in Cheshire. Had lunch at a pub and attempted to eat the biggest fish and chips I've ever been given and failed, rendering my being only able to sit/slouch at a 45 degree angle afterwards. Tried to walk some of it off by going round the charity shops in Alderley Edge, then finally flopped in my great aunt's garden in the sun. Lots of travel but a great day.

I'm heading home to Ollie later today after my dad takes me and my brother out for lunch. And tomorrow at 7.45 am is my dreaded glucose tolerance test! Maybe I should bring all my tax return shite to sort out whilst waiting between blood tests - that's sure to make the time fly by.

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