2018-09-10 | 4:49 a.m.

All going okay here in prego-land. Sleeping not the best (see time of entry). I wake up in the night pretty much every night despite my side of the bed now being basically a giant nest of material to try to make me comfortable: double duvet folded up to lie on to help my sore hips, pregnancy pillow shaped like a hairpin/comedy pair of legs, which often encroaches onto Ollie's side of the bed and makes him sad, plus the normal duvet and pillows on top of that.

A few other worries, I think the consultant I saw at 16 weeks messed up and forgot or whatever to refer me to haematology (I'm a blood clotting disorder carrier, and have below normal levels of one of the clotting factors). Didn't think an awful lot of it til I read women with clotting disorders shouldn't have an epidural in labour, then had a major freak-out, referred myself to haematology through my GP and after waiting patiently for a few weeks actually cried a bit when they gave me an appointment for December. My GP said there was nothing they could do and that I should complain to PALS. Was thinking of going private at this point.

However, I had a routine appointment with the consultant again last week, who looked a bit sheepish. My haematology appointment has been brought forward to October (still less than three weeks before my due date) but when I asked for it he gave me a blood form to have my clotting time tested. Also having an appointment with an anaesthetist, although again on the close side to my due date.

Things then moved on further: I had a haematologist phone me on Friday, who wants a further blood test and said she'll review it with me by phone a week later and that my October appointment should really just be a follow-up, which is good. So I'll have the two haematology-related blood tests plus the full blood count test that everyone has to have all done at once next Monday (not like the glucose tolerance test of doom! Which was actually more boring waiting around than anything else).

I'm in a better place mentally with it all (I know my health concerns are minor, really) so I can focus on other things, like wondering why my baby has decided to inconveniently stuff himself under my right ribcage, his back to my side apparently, rather than being in the Left Occiput Anterior position that's hailed as the foetal position of dreams. Sob!

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