2019-12-03 | 8:31 a.m.

The bear took his first steps yesterday! Amazing. I had tears in my eyes and everything. Then I encouraged him to do it a second time, holding out my arms for him to walk to. I tricked him a bit and moved further back, so he thought "sod this" and plopped to the floor and crawled away. Then he walked three more times during the day.

Very bad sleep deprivation right now as he has an awful cold and cough - up from 3.47 am this morning for well over two hours. He had a nice milk and Calpol party with me and Ollie, then eventually, after many years had passed and seasons changed, snuggled into the middle of our bed doing his baby singing and passed out. I moved him to his room and he's still asleep.

Work is a sanctuary from child-rearing but I never seem to do enough of it. One day work last week and four with the bear. I'm meant to be working Thursday and Friday this week. January and February are traditionally mega quiet but we're putting him in nursery one day a week (and possibly increasing to two) in the New Year which means I will get a day to myself whether I'm working or not...yippee!!!

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