2020-01-24 | 12:30 p.m.

Every day is a new adventure in Parent- land. Took the bear to a country park this morning, in the drizzle, muttering "fuck" when we arrived as I'd forgotten to put my trainers in the car (don't like to drive in them) meaning I'd be shlepping round the muddy lanes in my plimsolls. The bear was okay on the walk as I gave him a chewy bar to keep him occupied, then happy on the swing, then became one whiny motherfucker for the rest of the stroll, ruining my tranquil, at-one-with-nature-ness, for reasons I could not fathom, until he promptly passed out in the car. Transferred him up to bed about an hour ago and he's still dozing now. Happy days!

Anyway, belated happy new year, happy Christmas and possibly happy bonfire night! For I cannae remember when I was last here. But I'm still muddling along, somehow! The bear started nursery last week for one day a week and loves it. The carers write a diary on an app so we can see what he's been up to, a lot of which seems to be playing with Angel Delight (of all substances) and saying "uh-oh!"

The talking has started, which is amazing, and we have had cheese, teeth, dirty, apple, no (complete with head shaking) and, just today, up.

Going to leave this here and try to come back more. If I can get photobucket to work (new account, wink) I'll come back and edit this entry with a photo or two.

***Edit*** See, he loves a swing! Pic from before Xmas sometime, I think:

 photo 20191211_150436_zpsvnc5p5ul.jpg

 photo IMG_2599_zpsos0qklep.jpg

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