2020-03-17 | 4:46 p.m.

I haven't worked at the Old Bailey for a long time, but I'm not at all surprised that the jury of the Manchester arena bomber's brother returned their (guilty, yay) verdict today, a big part of their thinking very likely being: let's make our decision so we can get the hell out of central London.

I worked (in London, as always) three days last week and yesterday (Monday). I was due to work again today, but my long-running job (that conveniently sits part-time), which I've been on since October, cancelled at midnight for today's session and also the foreseeable future. It's just as well, since Ollie is a little panicked. He's able to work from home (which is great) but wanted me to stop going to London after today, which is something that I think is going to be out of my hands regardless.

The bear has been in nursery today so I actually did go to London despite my job cancellation, as my (expensive) equipment was still in the office and I didn't want to leave it there for possibly 12 weeks (maybe more?). Not as ghost town as I thought it'd be, but you could tell people were on edge.

That's only the economic side. Then there's the enormous health worries. Me, Ollie, bear: probably fine. Not such a happy story for my dad, stepdad and for Ollie's mum. Potentially.

And people keep buying up all the bloody nappies! (And I've used too many brackets in this entry.)

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