2020-07-18 | 4:43 a.m.

Not been here in a while, but things are okay. I don't really know if we're still on lockdown or not. Some of my antenatal group of friends have been meeting up, but since the bear attempts to ingest everything he can get his grimy little hands on (who eats dandelion clocks, I ask you), and chooses to disregard basic instructions like "please don't lick the hot oven", I can't imagine social distancing is something that would go down well with him.

Part of me feels like I'm being really uptight (I let the bear go in a playground this week but whisked him back when another child came hurtling towards him to play - heartbreaking!) but the thing is my mum's been coming over and has looked after him a couple of days over the past two weeks while I've worked (more on that) and my stepdad had a pretty nasty lymphoma a couple of years ago and is in his 70s and why would I put him at risk?

I've now done five days work over this week and last, which is really great, even though my job overran yesterday which meant I missed Sophie Ellis-Bextor's kitchen disco, wahh! I have tech-y things that still need tweaking, but using Skype/Zoom/whatever for court hearings seems manageable, even though I'd wager about a quarter of what they say is purely just the words "you're still on mute!"

If this continues I'm going to have to get a proper desk and chair. I've been propping my laptop up on the coffee table with big thick books and Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs, and sitting on two cushions on a dining room chair but it's still murder (on the daanceflooor)!

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