2020-11-30 | 2:05 p.m.

I'm feeling so cosy and Christmassy today. I have a standing arrangement with one of my friends from my NCT (antenatal) group where once a week we meet in a play park and our toddlers fall over in the mud/pick dandelion clocks/do anything but go on the actual play equipment, and we get to have a conversation with a person we haven't been stuck in a house with circa 22 hours a day since March! Happy days!

I haven't updated for a while but there's not much to report, really. We've almost finished a month of national lockdown and so this Thursday where I live we will be released from official lockdown into the wild freedom of "Tier 2", which is basically the artist formerly known as lockdown (though not as bad as Tier 3). No one's allowed in your house but the shops can open at least! Not that I'll be going in any of them.

Things are hard sometimes but I think a lot of that is just life with a 2-year-old. Holidays and meals out wouldn't have been high up on my agenda this year, pandemic or no. We put the Christmas tree up yesterday and cleverly ring-fenced it with a child-proof gate. Of course the first thing the Bear does is go up to it, unlatch the gate, waltz into the forbidden area and start frenziedly helping himself to baubles like a contestant on festive Supermarket Sweep. Fuck's sake!

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