2021-01-27 | 2:11 p.m.

Thought I better cram in an entry for January somehow. I just logged on to the HMRC site so I could get my tax bill paid and, honestly, I never think there will be a time I access that website and don't break into a cold sweat. It told me I had an outstanding bill. I owed £86 and this was late. With the interest they charge this has grown to £123. I don't know where the £86 materialised from and have no idea how any of this is calculated! My last self-assessment is from my maternity leave year so I didn't owe much in total anyway.

January's been a bit up and down. I've worked five days this month, which is loads for January so that's great, but in the same breath I've just felt plagued with worry and recently had a whole week of waking up in the night for an hour or two, and consequently feeling shitty as a result, and just so so negative about everything. On my good, well-rested days I find everything *just* about manageable, but not in the insomniac-afflicted ones. I've been a bit better the past few days though.

My diet's also shot at the moment. Yesterday in particular saw me ingest enough snacks to rival the entire weekly nutritional intake of the Hungry Caterpillar. Ollie asked what I'd had and after revealing my long list of gluttony he admitted, "I'm sorry, I zoned out for a bit there."

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