2021-03-18 | 4:59 p.m.

Yesterday marked a year since the last time I went to London - my job had cancelled the night before and everyone seemed to think things were going to get very bad so I decided to travel in to my office purely to bring my expensive steno machine home, picking up as much toddler-oriented stationery and colouring books from the Ryman on Cheapside as I could carry.

Yesterday my virtual job was the same long-running job with the same people as the one that cancelled a year ago. And I blimmin' loved that particular job when it was in-person in London and I still love it now, though it may be wrapping up shortly after Easter. And I don't get a free lunch from it anymore and I sure do miss those peculiar rye bread sandwiches and fish tacos!

Today I did a job for the Australian office, which consisted of no Australian attendees whatsoever. That was fine too. Plus my mum being here for childcare means I now get to put my feet up and sit in blissful silence (bar the screaming being emitted from next door's kid, naturally) while she lets the bear run amok in the garden. I do cherish the downtime; the life of a 2.5 year-old is often loud wailing tantrums one minute and then joyfully singing Roller bowler bowler penny a peach the next.

Feeling racked with guilt this week actually, as the other day Ollie pointed out that the bear can't close his front top and bottom teeth together and he has an overbite. Ashamedly, we still let him have a dummy for sleeping, and sleep beautifully he do-eth, both afternoon nap and at night.

So the dummies need to go, at Easter when we both have time off and can deal with the possible sleep fallout. Woodwork-enthusiast Ollie is even going to make a little wooden tree to hang them all on, and we'll distract the bear with presents.

Then a few weeks later it will be time to start potty training, but convincing him the potty is not a trough with which to feed his rocking zebra will be another matter altogether.

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