An epiphany that burns so pretty
2021-07-24 | 9:10 a.m.

Currently in Somerset - thought it was Devon; turns out my geography's just bad - for a steno friend's wedding.

Spent all of yesterday travelling, mind. Had to drop the bear to Stevenage at my mum's, then our 4hrs 12min predicted journey grew to about almost seven hours (who knew a sunny Friday at the start of the school summer holidays would be busy!) but I didn't care, I spent the whole journey with a giant grin on my face, feeling joyful and joy-filled. My fave radio songs were Ed Sheeran's Bad Habits and a 2009 Annie Lennox cover of Ash's Shining Light (love Ash).

We stopped at Shepton Mallet for an extremely late lunch/purchase of hotel snacks, with me maniacally grabbing hold of Ollie as we stepped out the car and dancing an insanely overexcited jig through the car park.

It is so unbelievably beautiful in this part of the country, and we passed some old haunts on the way, including the Glastonbury Festival site at Pilton, and Glastonbury Tor. I just loved it.

Met with Jenn and her husband for an outside dinner last night as they're guests too. Alexis was travelling up late as she was working a virtual court job sitting Bermuda hours. I feel a little apprehensive but I've had two jabs now and the wedding is outside/in a marquee.

We're travelling back to my mum's tomorrow and having an extended stay at hers as my great aunt (my late gran's twin) died at the grand old age of 95 and it's her funeral on Tuesday somewhere up north, so I'll be accompanying my mum to that while Ollie stays behind on bear duty. My brother has also been given some special permission to come over for the funeral from Germany - first time seeing him since Xmas 2019! - but has to quarantine at all times except for the funeral itself, our fine government not accepting his J&J vaccination for some batshit reason no one can fathom.

I'll report back how it all goes.

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