2021-12-07 | 7:23 a.m.

I never did a follow-up to my entry about the Bear having Covid. Strange disease that it is, neither Ollie nor I caught if off him, and this is despite Bear clambering on me and breathing on my nose, proudly asking "Guess what I've eaten!?" (grapes).

But I am currently spending some of my days crammed up against people on trains to London, and in an arbitration hearing room with more than 20 people. The communal plates of biscuits are also still dotted around (ignored as I'm on a health kick) with additional plates of Christmas candy, some of which say warning, contains alcohol! I couldn't resist yesterday taking home some chocolate truffles shaped like Brussel sprouts for Ollie.

I have been a little low lately after feeling good for what must have been about five months. I think it's probably just a slight burn-out though as my work days are so long too (usually 12 hours out the house minimum). Parenthood is also gruelling but I don't feel able to speak about it negatively in here for fear of being massively judged. And I love my son, more than I could ever love anyone ever!

Ollie is currently up with him but it's my day with him today before work again tomorrow and Thursday, so I'm thinking walk and then library before the storm arrives later. And I may inflict some Christmas crafts on him this afternoon.

Work isn't all bad either - the building is so plush and modern that if you end up working late then they put an actual robot out in the corridor. It's like a Segway with a computer screen head with the building manager looking out through it, so I imagine he can watch several corridors at once via multiple robots and help people if they need anything. I tried to talk to him as I was leaving to go home (purely to say "groovy robot bro!") but...he was stuck on mute!!! Haha.

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