2022-02-05 | 10:49 a.m.

You know you're off to a good start when you're up with your three-year-old at 6.30 am, but instead of the terrible cartoons you're expecting to endure (usually Puppy Dog Pals on Disney...shudder!) you turn the telly on to be greeted by Great Britain in Olympics curling and he's more than happy to watch it, complete with his own commentary: ooh they've knocked the red one out the way! They have two more goes left! Why are they mopping!?

I would write more, but we're off to Lidl in a sec. A walk later, some sort of roast dinner and banoffee pie that Bear and Ollie's mum made yesterday. You don't need grand Saturday plans for a happy day.

(Mr Ed, thank you so much for your note by the way. I have no way to reply to you however! If you see this, please drop me a one-liner in my email - address is in my profile on here x)

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